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A Helpful and Experienced Finance Center

At Torkelson Motors, we want to help you through every step of the car-buying process. After you found the right new or used model, the experts at our finance center are here to take care of the numbers. Whether you are looking to lease a new Jeep or finance a used Chrysler, we have the experience to get you a great deal. You won't have to worry about the usual stresses surround loans and budgets when you let us take care of your finances.

Leasing Your New Car

Leasing is a perfect way to lower your monthly payments. These agreements often come with mileage restrictions, so it is great for drivers that don't commute as much as others. Whether you live in downtown Clermont, IA, or just need a vehicle for specials occasions, leasing is the choice for you.

When you lease a new model, you are not paying the full price. You are basically paying for the car as you use it. This helps save you money throughout driving and allows you more freedom than a standard financing agreement. You can upgrade to newer models due to shorter contract lengths and enjoy the most current features as you drive through West Union, IA.

Financing Made Easy

Financing is no problem for our financial experts. We have worked in this industry for years and will bring that level of experience to your budgeting. Once you find a new or used model that you know you want, we will work hard to get you the best monthly payments. Throughout the financial agreement, you get attentive care so that you are completely satisfied.

Let our Financial Experts Help You Today

Whether you are closer to our Elgin, IA, location or our Waukon, IA, dealership, you will get the same level of quality at each finance center. You won't have to worry about steep monthly payments or securing a loan when our team is on the job. Just call today with any questions or visit one of our locations to get started!